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Yesterday as I was watching TV I watched part of Opera. There was this guy who was dressed like a doctor talking about various things. Anyway this guy start to talk about his hair (hairly arms, chests etc). He claims he had body hair because mosquito's don't like hair. That if you look at the world all the people with excessive body hair come from places with mosquito problems...


Now I don't know if this was a serious piece or if they were doing a comedy. But mosquito's thrive in the tropical areas where its warm and wet. Yet those regions are the place where people have the least hair. The more hairy one are the descendant of the northern folk where the excess hair provided better insulation against the cold. Now what I wonder is was this guy serious, cause the look on Opera's face was serious. If she was then I think she's been mislead or this guy is trying to pass himself off as smart. On the other hand if it's a joke, I don't get it. Mind you I only got to watch that little segment because I had to rush off to work.
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I don't know, some of our relatives could easily join the wolf children. Hairy upper lips and arms and legs etc. Same in Mexico, too.

You watched an Opera? you mean Oprah, you poobrain?