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Scary New Era   
09:22pm 16/07/2009
mood: indescribable
Its been one hell of a ride this month. Biggest thing is... Well I bought a house. Not renting, not mooching off relatives but bought an actual house. I move in this weekend, unless something goes screwy with my home loan. But I bought a house... I am so nervous right now. I keep thinking about the amount I need to pay off per week, plus utilities and how much of my salary is going into it. Seems a hefty chunk if you ask me.

Mind you this is the first step in my master plan! I aim for at least 7 houses with 6 of them being rented out. With investment property the interest I pay on the loans is tax deductible, which is what I want.

But all that aside... I bought a house.

Don't get me wrong I am excited otherwise I wouldn't have spent AU$4500 on furniture and stuff (damn Ebay for being addictive!!). And this is my own place. So I don't have to worry too much about damage. I want to make this a house to give me experience in fixing things up around the place. First things first, it need a new paint job. Seriously whats with all the white washed walls? It's so boring!!!

Yeah so... I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!
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Life goes on.   
09:26am 05/04/2009
mood: chipper
Well yesterday was an interesting day. Most of it I spent semi-plastered, unintentionally. Champagne was a bit stronger than I thought.

But it was a celebration after all. Nangi (a.k.a little sister) got registered yesterday. The wedding is set for december, but by Aussie government decree they are married.
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Not dead yet.   
07:26pm 02/04/2009
mood: numb
As I was writing this message I realized that I had not posted in over 1.5 years. Thats a long time and much has changed for me.

Used to be I was hoping for my PR to get through. Well it did in Jan of 2008. And I've been in Aussie since that May. Now I have a job, two cats,and a weight problem. I'am looking for a house and excercising regularly again and lost 4 kg. Things seem to be looking up.

Sadly I had a reality check just now. The freight train to the face kind, which is why I'm writing this I guess. I need to vent/organize my thoughts/just write.

A few weeks ago an uncle, non related but I knew him since I was little, visited here. It was the first time my sister and I saw him in a long time, 10 years for me and about 8 years for my sister. It was good to see him as it is with all old friends. I just learned to day that he had passed away. Massive heart attack they said.

I don't know what to say or do now. What I achieved so far seems trivial.
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Ups and downs   
12:48pm 25/08/2007
mood: depressed
The ups:

1. Nangi just got her PR (Permanent Residence) for Australia!! Congrats for that!! Now I need to wait for mine to be processed...

2. Pejaro iO's are fun to drive.

3. I own the original Battlestar Galactica series!

The downs:

1. Boss is back from vacation

2. Australia is still processing PR's submitted in October last year... I submitted in December.

3. Spent all last week on day long meetings... work suxs

4. Got rejected by Shell for a post... actually for rejected by a lot of people...

5. Virgin Megastore still haven't gotten Wolfblade by William King, which I ordered 2 months ago.

These days I feel more than a little depressed and dejected. Sometimes nothing seems to go right.
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And the beat goes on..   
11:55am 28/07/2007
mood: working
It's been one of those weeks. Started out good and then went downhill. Mainly cause my boss is a snarky bitch. I'm really regretting rejoining this place. I seriously wonder if people (the parent company that we are a branch of) don't notice the high manpower turnover rate here. I mean in the 2 years I have known this company about 12 people have left. That's staggering when you consider that there are only about 20 people in this branch. I really wish I had remained one of those people.

Plus side I have a new car. A Mitsubishi Pejaro io. You know the smaller version of the Pejaro. Its a good car even if it have 165k km on it. But its also fun to drive. Mind you I wanted to get hold of a Jeep Wrangler (your fault Drew!!) but this is almost as good.

Another thing that's caught my eye is some of the certification programs I've seen. Like those by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), and the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors. If I can get some of these qualifications then I can start doing some Assessment studies myself. Its a major boost to my career, now and in the future and I think I'll have a better chance at job applications. I just need to see what courses I can take and if those are offered by correspondence. I can't wait.
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Well lookie here...   
01:32pm 21/07/2007
mood: busy
I was watching Flushed Away (again) when I had an epiphany of sorts. The voice of the toad sounded like Gandalf... A quick look at the voice actors and lo-and-behold it was Gandalf. I was half expecting to see some reference to the LOTR movies some where. Gimmly is still my favorite though.

Anyway well I have my own car now. A Mitsubishi Pejaro io, 2001. Its small and compact but still has the looks that some of the newer cars seem to lack. Plus its kindda fun to drive.

This has been a really good week at work, mainly because the boss has been away all this time. The same amount of work with less than half the stress.
An Oasis in the Desert   
02:01pm 14/07/2007
mood: chipper
Qatar is a dry desert. Many can tell that from a looking at a map. What people don’t realize is just how dry it is. Until the end of the last dacade this place didn’t have any sort of entertainment except a crappy old cinema.

Now there is are a few malls with good movie theaters, Starbucks everywhere and a whole lot of other junk for people to do. Except for one thing… No good computer gaming stores.

Maybe I was spoilt in the US where there is such a wide range of stores which sells exclusively games, but boy was it depressing to be in a place where computer games are so rare. That’s changed though. There are stores that cell games for all platforms, originals and copies, but they still lack the atmosphere.

Not anymore.

I went to the newly opened Virgin Megastore day before yesterday. They had everything I wanted or could want. Form books to movies to games they stocked them all. And such an extensive collection too. I swear that dramatic music played as I walked around the isles.

And I finally managed to get my copy of Flushed Away. For those who haven’t seen it. Go watch it. It is about the best animated movie I’ve seen. I think my favorite part are the singing slugs. I don’t know how they did it but the animators somehow managed to make slugs cute! Awesome movie!!

Hmmm now I got one of the songs stuck in my head…

“What’s that urge,
from deep inside.
The need to hurl,
Won’t be denied.
That isn’t rice but maggots you’re eating...”

I love that part, cracks me up every time...
Whatta week   
07:45am 09/07/2007
mood: stressed
It has been a long week. Really long. I'm suppose to meet clients everyday so I got myself fully booked. So all of last week I was out of the office meeting people, making presentation. On Wednesdays I was in Ras Laffan, which is the industrial are ~100km from Doha, ie 1.5 hr drive. I spent the day there talking to people. By the end of the day I was so tired. Then there is a tender due on the 15th which my boss wants done by tomorrow... Only he told me about it day before yesterday. So now I'm left scrambling when I initially was going to take the week to do all the negotiations. Will be so glad after tomorrow's over.

Socially nothings happened. I got my first paycheck after rejoining yesterday. Got a few gift for my parents, a purse of Ammi and a shirt for Appachi. But didn't find anything to buy for myself. Though I was tempted by the HDTVs...
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09:05am 25/06/2007
mood: confused
Yesterday as I was watching TV I watched part of Opera. There was this guy who was dressed like a doctor talking about various things. Anyway this guy start to talk about his hair (hairly arms, chests etc). He claims he had body hair because mosquito's don't like hair. That if you look at the world all the people with excessive body hair come from places with mosquito problems...


Now I don't know if this was a serious piece or if they were doing a comedy. But mosquito's thrive in the tropical areas where its warm and wet. Yet those regions are the place where people have the least hair. The more hairy one are the descendant of the northern folk where the excess hair provided better insulation against the cold. Now what I wonder is was this guy serious, cause the look on Opera's face was serious. If she was then I think she's been mislead or this guy is trying to pass himself off as smart. On the other hand if it's a joke, I don't get it. Mind you I only got to watch that little segment because I had to rush off to work.
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Dilbert moment...   
08:19am 19/06/2007
mood: thoughtful
You know the more I stay here the more I realize how right Scot Adams was. At least about some managers... like mine. He understands that there are problems within the company. How can he not when in the last 2 years, about 10 people have come and gone. But I think for him to correct it would mean that there is something wrong with him, something he is not able to do. Well I feel that way though.

Take last Saturday. We had a meeting for 4.5 hrs on office matters. Most of the sales people complained about the admin staff being slow, inexperienced etc. He brought the admin in to discuss the problems. But he started out by all but accusing them of every problem. Then he took their complaints and basically said it's all in their mind and its their fault. That moment I realized that things were never going to change. Maybe it's because the admin are all asian and most of the sales ppl and the manager are Middle Eastern.

One thing is for certain. I don't want to be here anymore. I always believe that a true measure of man is not how he treats his equals, but how he treats those beneath him.
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Daily Grind   
07:34am 16/06/2007
mood: grumpy
Well its back to the daily grind. I think I wouldn't mind this work as much it I had a good boss. The one I have can be a prick. Which means I can't get motivated to work after I have a meeting with him which makes him a bigger prick.

On the plus side I might be able to get a job in Oman. Not sure though. But then I suppose I might get a job anywhere... Oh well time to send resumes, again.
Been a while...   
08:12am 10/06/2007
mood: contemplative
Well ok so it has been a while. Actually according to the note on the homepage it's been 75 weeks since I've posted.... 75 weeks. Time flies in retrospect.

I'm still a Sales Engineer. Right like there's a lot of engineering to do here. Its all about customizing to the needs of the client. I spent 1 and half years there before I skipped to Australia. I was staying and visiting my sister who recently became a High School teacher (i'm seriously wondering about her sanity). Got PR application going and tried to stay there but that last part never happened. I wanted to stay permanantly and did so for 6 months. But the people in Aussie Immigration in Perth gave me some soddy advice and I ended up having to leave. Speaking of Aussie they are very very PC there. It was kindda annoying after a bit. I loved Brisbane but Perth was not to my liking, maybe because there were so many people I knew there.

I was in Sri Lanka for a while, which was fun. Remembered the joys of riding a motor cycle, riding trains and sweating like pigs. It was a little liberating if I wasn't in such dire need of cash. Then my parents dragged me back to Qatar when I was offered my old job. So I'm back and wondering if this is the right thing for me. I don't want to be in Sales all my life.

Other than that all not changed. Still single, a fact that seems to be driving my parents crazy. Still love games and gaming, thought I don't have the chance to indulge here. But I will be getting a PS3 soon. Muwhahahaha
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I AIN'T DEAD!!!!   
07:35am 28/12/2005
  Just a quick update... No I still live and breath... I will update soon as I kept telling Kit... and Jen... and Drew... would have told Jen-ni too, cept I don't have her phone numbers to call... Will right more soon...  
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Spinning in Circles   
12:20pm 22/04/2005
mood: confused
I start work tomorrow. It feels strange saying that. But I can’t concentrate on anything right now. Why? Cause my emotions are in turmoil. Excitement bubbles within me like a fountain. Fear slithers through my veins. Nervousness is my constant shadow. Happiness skips around me. Then there is the kaleidoscope of emotions that seem to flash by. Together they form a beautiful symphony of emotional confusion.

In unrelated news I downloaded the new Winamp yesterday. I had been using Realplayer till then. But I like Winamp better. Besides it’s got two awesome skins called the “Anunaki” and “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.” Oh yeah the excitement from that joins the chorus of other emotions.

DAMMIT!!! Need to relax. Star Craft here I come.
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And the River Flows On   
11:54pm 20/04/2005
mood: weird
Well it’s been a while since my last rant. I was a little upset that day. Thinks did come crashing down. Thankfully a few hours of Starcraft cured me of that affliction. Before I go on I have to say that I try not to let things get me down because I believe there are people out there much less fortunate than me. Think that makes my own problems sound like that of a spoiled little brat.

Anyway I have had a few interviews since then one with a company called Inogen, which turned out to be an environmental research group. As in they work with the effects on habitats as opposed to controlling or disposing of harmful chemicals. Could have been fun but didn’t make it past the interview. At least they didn’t call back. Its funny….. Both Dolphin Energy and Inogen said almost the exact same things about me. They were impressed with me, what I had to offer as an individual and the amount of potential I had to offer. Kindda shocked me truth be told. Did wonders to my self-esteem, I tell you.

The other company I had an offer with is Salaam Petroleum. They are more of a….well I can’t think of the words to describe them really. I guess Retail might be appropriate after all they do sell equipment, but that’s not all they do. Anyway, they too seemed to be impressed with me as last Tuesday they offered me a job. I don’t think I stopped grinning that day. I have to give them an answer tomorrow, Thursday. It may seem like a cut and dry decision but I’ve been agonizing over this decision all day. You see this position involves a lot of salesmanship and that’s one area I’m not so confidant in. Plus there is the fact if I took the job any other that comes up here in Qatar will not be available to me. Plus I’m not sure I want to be in that field in the future. Perhaps I’m being stupid about all this. Or maybe it’s nerves on the verge of a new job. Still I’m going to accept the position. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

Guess I need some more cloths.
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10:56am 06/04/2005
mood: infuriated
Dolphin Energy called today. To recap that was company I had high hopes would hire me. Because the guys said they would want me in the team. Only their recruitment policy towards ex-patriots (i.e. non Qataries) doesn’t agree. If they had hired me then they would have to do some on the job training. They can only do that with Qataries, so they can’t hire me. It’s not fucking fair. I just want to job damit!! Something in my field that I work in and gain experience. Why the fucking hell is one so hard to find???? Every place asks for experience. How the mother-fucking hell can I get experience if I can’t get a starter level job first??? I'm been shut out before I can even get in the door....
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Burning the Midnight Oil   
05:15am 03/04/2005
mood: productive
Its 5:16 am in Doha now. And I've been up since 10 yesterday. Don't feel sleepy at all. Which is surprising since I'm reading this collection of 3 books named "Loss Prevention in the Process Industries". Each book had over a 1000 extra thin pages. If any of you are familiar with Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook, it's 3 of those.

Mind you I'm not reading it all. No way I can memorize all of it. I'm just scanning to get an idea of what one can expect in a Health, Safety and Environment position. Plus reading about all the disasters and their causes is pretty interesting if a trifle long winded.

Oh well get another chapter to scan through I guess.
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The Wonderful Lifes We Lead   
12:59am 22/03/2005
mood: sleepy
SHOCKING NEWS!!!! There was a bomb blast in Doha on the 19th!! One died, may wounded. Actually saw the plume of smoke from the house. My question is what in the sea of sand is worth blowing up?????
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The harsh rigors of life   
07:24pm 19/03/2005
mood: mischievous
You know I don’t think I feel the pressure of not having a job so much now that I‘m here. I think it’s because my parents are here to look after me. Still don’t like it though.

Ammi (that’s what I call my mother) has some exotic remedies to health problems. Like my dandruff and dry scalp. She had me rub in a solution of water, vinegar, lemons and asafetida. Have to keep it in my hair for about 2 hours before I talk a bath. So I’m sitting here with this stuff leaking out of my hair. Don’t think it smells too bad. But them I was covered in sweat from playing Badminton so it might be a good thing.
10:39am 15/03/2005
mood: contemplative
I have come to a realization in the last few days.... I'm a lazy bum.... and like it too.... Oh well.....
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