Conflagor (conflagor) wrote,

Not dead yet.

As I was writing this message I realized that I had not posted in over 1.5 years. Thats a long time and much has changed for me.

Used to be I was hoping for my PR to get through. Well it did in Jan of 2008. And I've been in Aussie since that May. Now I have a job, two cats,and a weight problem. I'am looking for a house and excercising regularly again and lost 4 kg. Things seem to be looking up.

Sadly I had a reality check just now. The freight train to the face kind, which is why I'm writing this I guess. I need to vent/organize my thoughts/just write.

A few weeks ago an uncle, non related but I knew him since I was little, visited here. It was the first time my sister and I saw him in a long time, 10 years for me and about 8 years for my sister. It was good to see him as it is with all old friends. I just learned to day that he had passed away. Massive heart attack they said.

I don't know what to say or do now. What I achieved so far seems trivial.
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