Conflagor (conflagor) wrote,

Ups and downs

The ups:

1. Nangi just got her PR (Permanent Residence) for Australia!! Congrats for that!! Now I need to wait for mine to be processed...

2. Pejaro iO's are fun to drive.

3. I own the original Battlestar Galactica series!

The downs:

1. Boss is back from vacation

2. Australia is still processing PR's submitted in October last year... I submitted in December.

3. Spent all last week on day long meetings... work suxs

4. Got rejected by Shell for a post... actually for rejected by a lot of people...

5. Virgin Megastore still haven't gotten Wolfblade by William King, which I ordered 2 months ago.

These days I feel more than a little depressed and dejected. Sometimes nothing seems to go right.
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