Conflagor (conflagor) wrote,

An Oasis in the Desert

Qatar is a dry desert. Many can tell that from a looking at a map. What people don’t realize is just how dry it is. Until the end of the last dacade this place didn’t have any sort of entertainment except a crappy old cinema.

Now there is are a few malls with good movie theaters, Starbucks everywhere and a whole lot of other junk for people to do. Except for one thing… No good computer gaming stores.

Maybe I was spoilt in the US where there is such a wide range of stores which sells exclusively games, but boy was it depressing to be in a place where computer games are so rare. That’s changed though. There are stores that cell games for all platforms, originals and copies, but they still lack the atmosphere.

Not anymore.

I went to the newly opened Virgin Megastore day before yesterday. They had everything I wanted or could want. Form books to movies to games they stocked them all. And such an extensive collection too. I swear that dramatic music played as I walked around the isles.

And I finally managed to get my copy of Flushed Away. For those who haven’t seen it. Go watch it. It is about the best animated movie I’ve seen. I think my favorite part are the singing slugs. I don’t know how they did it but the animators somehow managed to make slugs cute! Awesome movie!!

Hmmm now I got one of the songs stuck in my head…

“What’s that urge,
from deep inside.
The need to hurl,
Won’t be denied.
That isn’t rice but maggots you’re eating...”

I love that part, cracks me up every time...
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