Conflagor (conflagor) wrote,

Whatta week

It has been a long week. Really long. I'm suppose to meet clients everyday so I got myself fully booked. So all of last week I was out of the office meeting people, making presentation. On Wednesdays I was in Ras Laffan, which is the industrial are ~100km from Doha, ie 1.5 hr drive. I spent the day there talking to people. By the end of the day I was so tired. Then there is a tender due on the 15th which my boss wants done by tomorrow... Only he told me about it day before yesterday. So now I'm left scrambling when I initially was going to take the week to do all the negotiations. Will be so glad after tomorrow's over.

Socially nothings happened. I got my first paycheck after rejoining yesterday. Got a few gift for my parents, a purse of Ammi and a shirt for Appachi. But didn't find anything to buy for myself. Though I was tempted by the HDTVs...
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