Conflagor (conflagor) wrote,

Dilbert moment...

You know the more I stay here the more I realize how right Scot Adams was. At least about some managers... like mine. He understands that there are problems within the company. How can he not when in the last 2 years, about 10 people have come and gone. But I think for him to correct it would mean that there is something wrong with him, something he is not able to do. Well I feel that way though.

Take last Saturday. We had a meeting for 4.5 hrs on office matters. Most of the sales people complained about the admin staff being slow, inexperienced etc. He brought the admin in to discuss the problems. But he started out by all but accusing them of every problem. Then he took their complaints and basically said it's all in their mind and its their fault. That moment I realized that things were never going to change. Maybe it's because the admin are all asian and most of the sales ppl and the manager are Middle Eastern.

One thing is for certain. I don't want to be here anymore. I always believe that a true measure of man is not how he treats his equals, but how he treats those beneath him.
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