Conflagor (conflagor) wrote,

Been a while...

Well ok so it has been a while. Actually according to the note on the homepage it's been 75 weeks since I've posted.... 75 weeks. Time flies in retrospect.

I'm still a Sales Engineer. Right like there's a lot of engineering to do here. Its all about customizing to the needs of the client. I spent 1 and half years there before I skipped to Australia. I was staying and visiting my sister who recently became a High School teacher (i'm seriously wondering about her sanity). Got PR application going and tried to stay there but that last part never happened. I wanted to stay permanantly and did so for 6 months. But the people in Aussie Immigration in Perth gave me some soddy advice and I ended up having to leave. Speaking of Aussie they are very very PC there. It was kindda annoying after a bit. I loved Brisbane but Perth was not to my liking, maybe because there were so many people I knew there.

I was in Sri Lanka for a while, which was fun. Remembered the joys of riding a motor cycle, riding trains and sweating like pigs. It was a little liberating if I wasn't in such dire need of cash. Then my parents dragged me back to Qatar when I was offered my old job. So I'm back and wondering if this is the right thing for me. I don't want to be in Sales all my life.

Other than that all not changed. Still single, a fact that seems to be driving my parents crazy. Still love games and gaming, thought I don't have the chance to indulge here. But I will be getting a PS3 soon. Muwhahahaha
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